Veeda G

The majority of our troubles began with the hiring of Veeda. As I said on the home page, I screwed up. She said all the right things, wore sharp business suits, had owned her own business once. She was a CPA with an MBA, and in my mind she was exactly what we needed. I had no idea she was mentally ill, that she was homophobic or that she had religious delusions. She had been sabotaging us internally for months, and we had no idea. It was not until her adult daughter approached us and told us what was actually happening that we even had a clue. Apparantly, I was the anti-Chirst. I suppose this was because we employed LGBTQ staff members, but also becuase I got up from my desk in increments of six seconds, six minutes or six hours. After her daughter told us all of this, and played for us multiple recordings of her mother she secretly taped, I confronted Veeda, who went wild, tore out of the office, assaulted me, threatened to kill me, and took off with stacks of papers before security could get her.

I did have to get an order of protection, which you can see HERE.

To give you a general idea of what her daughter played for us, here are two of the recordings. Keep in mind while listening that whenever I spoke with Veeda, it was like speaking to the CEO of a fortune 500 company. What I heard on these recordings was baffling.

Veeda recording #1 - CLICK HERE

Veeda recording # 2 - CLICK HERE

In the previous weeks, she had deleted our entire Quickbooks account and the backup, destroyed every bank statement, destroyed several employee files. cancelled contracts, cancelled insurance policies and more than I can really get into here. You can call or email me for more if you would like.

After she was arrested, she never again showed up for court. She abandoned her house, and as far as we know, no one knows where she is. I periodically get messages like the ones below, all from spoof numbers. I give them to the police, but other than that, I just live with it.

Here are some of the "highlights":