Better Business Bureau - Amazing Pet Expos

A lot of the bad press we have received has been a result of the Better Business Bureau of Greater St. Louis. Before all of this, I was like you. I thought they were some kind of official agency, or worked with government or at the very least did due dilligence on the businesses they report on. I have since learned that they are a very, very wealthy organization that rakes in millions of dollars and has an incredibly flawed ratings sytstem. We did not care about any of that when we had an A rating. But parts of our story are valuable to the BBB. They need media mentions to drive complaints, which drives memberships, which make money. I say parts of our story, becuase when you factor out our CPA's actions, or the actions or Heather Schwab or Lori Weese, we look pretty bad. But by the end of last year, we were in a total panic, and our reputation was ruined. 200 pet expos produced, and we were pariahs. Nothing we ever did before mattered. So when the BBB reached out to help, I jumped at the offer. I was contacted by Rebecca Phoenix. She told me that Diane Taylor, the local BBB director, wanted a written statement from us on what happened and what we were doing to fix it. They would put this on our BBB page, and it would help. So as you can see in the screenshots below (these are not all of them, these are the more pertinent ones, but I will provide you with all of them if you would like), Rebecca kept having me take out the things in my statement about Veeda. She had me remove the items about Heather Schwab. She stated that Diane did not approve my statement, but in order to help, SHE would write the statement for me, and I would add my name and send to Diane Taylor from my email, so it would appear that I wrote it. Yes, this is all in the emails below. So being desperate, I agreed, and did it. Within a day, Rebecca emailed me that Diane had accpepted my statement (the one Rebecca wrote that had no mention of Veeda, etc) and oh, by the way, the BBB is sending out an alert about us. And they not only sent out an alert, they posted it to our BBB page. AND they quoted the statement "I" wrote. So the local media picked it up, and that was a truly miserable time. Even worse, the alert was riddled with innacuracies that the BBB refused (and still refuses) to correct. More recently, they sent out another alert about our St. Louis show. They never bothered to contact us, and failed to research the fact that we had lawsuits and injunctions against the venue, and local media picked it up, and the BBB gets more publicity for being such an amazing watchdog.

We have had 40 BBB complaints in the last three years. The majority of them are from all of the issues documented on this website. And our rating is an F. But one of those complaints is from someone who wanted off our email list, which is what the BBB charter considers beyond purview, meaning it is not something they can handle. About seven of the complaints on our file fall beyond the purview of the BBB as stated in their OWN charter. But it somehow does not apply to us.

But even if all 40 complaints were legitimate, the rating makes no sense. We have produced 210 pet expos, pet cons and pup runs combined in the last ten years. We have 7500 vendors/clients nationwide. That means our complaint percentage is 0.5333333333333333%. We have had 1.7 million attendees to the all of our events combined. If you factor that in, our complaint percentage is 0.0023529411764705885%. Now, I am NOT saying we do not have legitimate complaints, or that people are not rightfully upset, but this is not right. Regions Bank has had 549 complaints in three years and a government action alert on their BBB page, but an A+ rating. Rent-a-Center as had 1,329 complaints in the past three years and they have a C+. Wolf Recovery, the company owned by Heather Schwab (see the Heather Schwab tab on the menu) has a C. And she and her husband are both in prison.

All in all, I think the BBB has it in for us....

Here are the emails mentioned above: