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In 2017, we had to cancel our Windy City Pet Expo in Chicago. It was the first major issue caused by the actions or our former CPA (see the tab Veeda G. in the main menu). Our staff was in Chicago, vendors were arriving for setup, and the venue would not allow us in. Apparantly, our Certificate of Insurance for the event was never proplerly secured, and the secondary policy had been cancelled. Both of these actions were performed by our CPA during her campaign to destroy the company. This is also where the rumors started that we had not paid for the venue, when in reality we had paid $30,000.. But once that rumor started, it began being perpetuated by three individuals - Lori Weese & Darren Alick of Across America Boxer Rescue abd Nicole Berkhout of Barking Spot Bakery. Across America Boxer Rescue had participated in 20 of our events prior to the Chicago incident, but for reasons that we still do not understand, once this happened, they went on what has now become an 18 month non-stop campaign of calling venues, posting that events are cancelled when they are not, trying to actively get venues to cancel our events, calling sponsors, calling vendors, claiming that we are under mutiple investigations and as you can see in what are just a few of the posts below, they never stop. We have sent cease & desisit letters, and they are ignored. We have tried reasoning, but it is impossible. Even when provided with a letter from the Chicago venue that we did indeed have a signed contract and paid our $30,000 rental in full, this has continued. At one point, they had even aligned themselves with Heather Schwab (see the tab Heather & William Schwab in the main menu). Lori has enouraged people to cause us physical harm, posted our address online, mocked our dog dying and stating that the dog is "better off". They have cost us venues, sponsors, vendors and as you can see, they went to extreme lengths to sabotage the Minneapolis event. Darren even called the venue and made every effort to get them to break our contract. Thankfully, we were able to overcome it and hold the event. If you read or see negative comments about us, most originate wiith these individuals.

One of the worst episodes was when Across America Boxer Rescue and Lori and Darren hired Heather Schwab. Heather Schwab was a collection agent representing a business we were having a dispute with. The dispute was with a company that was to provide tables and chairs and draping for one of our events, and they provided about half the items, caused a huge probelm at the event and somehow they ended up hiring Heather Schwab and her husband William to try and bully us into settling. When all of the Chicago things happened, Heather jumped on the opportunity. She told us that if we did not settle, she would work with Lori and Darren to contact all of our venues and put us out of business. When we refused, they did just that. Heather is primarily responsible for the cancellation of our 2017 Saint Louis event. She claimed to be an attorney, a federal investigator, a police officer, a detective and many other things. When our attorney sent Across America Boxer Rescue, Lori & Darren a cease & desist for some of what you will see below, they hired Heather Schwab to represent them. I will post the voicemails our attorney received from Heather Schwab here, but you will find more detail on the menu tab 'Heather Schwab". Not surprisingly, she and her husband are both in prison now.

Here is voicemail #1 indicating she is now representing Lori Weese and Darren Alick - CLICK HERE

Here is voicemail #2 stating all of our venues have been contacted - CLICK HERE

Below are some samples, and they are pretty self-explanatory, although some have notes we have added. As always, if YOU would like copies of the Chicago contracts, a letter from the venue confirming our payments, etc, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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We mention at the top of this page how Lori Weese mocked our dog dying. This is not an unusual occurance for Lori. The screenshots below were sent to us by supportors of Jeff Nix. Jeff Nix ran a boxer rescue with a similar name to Loris. His was Boxer Rescue America. he did in October 2018 in a car crash during a rescue. Within two weeks, Lori and her supporters were actively mocking this dead man, who left behind two children. She also created a hate page about the man called "The Truth About Boxer Rescue America" and it is pretty vile. As you can see in our posts above, creating pages like that is just standard when Acorss America Boxer Rescue and Lori Weese have you in their crosshairs.