Heather Schwab

One of the more bizzare (if that is possible) parts of this whole story are the Heather Schwab incidents.

Heather Schwab was a collection agent representing a business we were having a dispute with. The dispute was with a company that was to provide tables and chairs and draping for one of our events, and they provided about half the items, caused a huge probelm at the event and somehow they ended up hiring Heather Schwab and her husband William to try and bully us into settling. When all of the Chicago things happened, Heather jumped on the opportunity. She told us that if we did not settle, she would work with Lori and Darren to contact all of our venues and put us out of business. When we refused, they did just that. Heather is primarily responsible for the cancellation of our 2017 Saint Louis event. She claimed to be an attorney, a federal investigator, a police officer, a detective and many other things. When our attorney sent Across America Boxer Rescue, Lori & Darren a cease & desist, they hired Heather Schwab to represent them. I will post the voicemails our attorney received from Heather Schwab here:

Here is voicemail #1 indicating she is now representing Lori Weese and Darren Alick - CLICK HERE

Here is voicemail #2 stating all of our venues have been contacted - CLICK HERE

How all these people ended up together is one thing, but the damage Heather Schwab did was reak. When the St. Charles Convention Center cancelled our event one week prior to the show, Al Beltralina, the GM, told us he spoke with a special federal investigator named Heather Schwab about us, that she had called him, and this factored into his decision. All told, we had produced thirteen events at the St. Charles Convention Center, eight of them pet expos, and had spent close to $400,000 with them. And one phone call was enoiugh to cost us the entire event. And they kept our rental fee payments. We shared with Mr. Beltranina a lot of what we are going to share with you here - a LOT of information about Heather Schwab. Please visit the links below:

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